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Advanced & Creative
AHair Professional Apprenticeship


This apprenticeship is perfect for established hairdressers who want to stay on top of trends, market themselves on social media, keep up with new technologies, advance their abilities, and provide high-quality services.

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About the course

L&F’s Level 3 Diploma in Hair Services for ages 16-18 and adults is fast moving, imaginative and fun. This course is for anyone that works in the hairdressing industry and wants to advance their skill set to a creative level. This qualification is required for senior stylists who wish to develop their creative side and enter into the world that can offer them further progression within the industry, salon ownership or even to work with the stars. You will learn how to develop a variety of looks using advanced cutting techniques, increase your ability to dress and style hair and also develop on your knowledge of colouring techniques and products.

This course is the best way to advance and develop your hairdressing skill set.

Is this course right for you?

If you are a motivated, passionate, and creative hair professional who can work independently, this apprenticeship is perfect for you. For individuals already established in the hair industry, such as creative hairstylists, senior advanced stylists, senior hair professionals, or specialised technicians, this training is excellent.

This study can help learners who work in a variety of settings, such as (but not limited to) bespoke salons, the media sector, cruise ships, product firms and manufacturers, and high-end luxury hair salons.

The trainees that progress the fastest are those who want to improve their current abilities. They typically like fashion-forward trends, are highly talented, and have a creative flair.

What you will learn

You will study the knowledge, skills and behaviours as set out within the apprenticeship standard, which will include the following subjects:

  • Professionalism, confidentiality and discretion

  • Maintaining effective and safe methods of working

  • Use products, tools and equipment in accordance with legal requirements, manufacturers' instructions and salon policy

  • Researching, creating, planning and promoting fashion-forward trends

  • Factors that influence hairstyle designs and their target audience

  • Adapting a range of sectioning and cutting guidelines, involving precision techniques and technical skills, to enhance a collection of different looks

  • Imaginative colour conversion services to change depth and tone

  • Carry out in-depth consultation and complex analysis of clients' hair

  • Provide a smoothing, strengthening service to clients

  • Present showcases via a variety of media types and platforms

How will I learn?

Our sector expert staff will support you to achieve the apprenticeship. We have highly skilled and knowledgeable staff with significant experience of working in the industry who will be able to share their experiences and support you.

We deliver the programme throughout the year providing you with the flexibility to start the apprenticeship when it meets your needs. All learning is either on a 1-2-1 basis or small group webinars so you have the best experience possible with sector experts.

We have designed a flexible programme which is typically delivered on a 1-2-1 basis and includes:

  • Assessment and induction

  • Face-to-face sessions (or remote delivery)

  • Regular 1-2-1 support (face to face and/or remote)

  • Assignments

  • Observations

  • Ongoing mentoring, coaching and support (including information, advice and guidance)

  • Specialist English and/or Maths support (if needed)


You will also record and track your learning progress through your e-portfolio, helping to support and evidence your journey.

There will be an external assessment at the end of the programme, once the apprentice has achieved the ‘gateway’ requirements. This includes achieving the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care. End-point assessment methods, timescales and location

 The end-point assessment consists of two distinct assessment methods:

  1. Observation of leadership

  2. Professional discussion


The end-point assessment must be completed over a maximum period of three months after the apprentice has met the EPA gateway requirements.


  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care.

  • Level 2 English and Maths (If not completed prior to starting the programme). For those with an education, health and care plan, or a legacy statement, the apprentice’s English and Maths requirement is Entry Level 3 at a minimum. For those whose primary language is British Sign Language (BSL), the qualification BSL is an alternative and viable qualification.


Having successfully completed this qualification, learners will have the opportunity to progress to the following:​​

  • Senior Leader at Level 7

View Full Job Description On Institute For Apprenticeships

View Assessment Plan

Once the apprenticeship has been achieved the candidate will have:


  • Level 3 Advanced & Creative Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standard

  • Functional skills in Maths and English level 2



Upon completion of the apprenticeship, you can:

Continue your employment in the industry. Some of the career options open to you, could include: advanced stylist, advanced colourist, free-lance hairdresser, salon owner, product trainer, brand trainer


Salon Management at Level 4

View Full Job Description On Institute For Apprenticeships

View Assessment Plan

Achievements and progression
End Point Assessment

The apprenticeship is concluded with a final assessment at the end of the programme. The Hair Professional EPA consists of:

  • A practical assessment

  • Oral questioning 


The practical assessment and oral  questioning will assess the learner's  professionalism, values, behaviours, communication, safe working practices  and consultation skills.



You are able to achieve a Pass,  Distinction, or Fail.

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