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Apprenticeships at L&F


We have designed in detail this apprenticeship board to supply information on all the apprenticeship courses we have to propose to learners to assist their educational needs.

Established in 2008, L&F Training provides education with passion and pride, dedicated to enhancing students' learning. Since that time we have worked successfully with school partnerships delivering a variety of tailor-made courses and apprenticeships qualifications to meet the needs of students. 

For many different reasons, young people may start to, or fully, disengage within school and therefore need an alternative route. Apprenticeships are a great way to stay in touch with education as well as gaining valuable experience. Our apprenticeships provides them with all the tools that will enable them to return to full-time education or career path within their chosen industry, and prepare them for the next stage in their lives.

The national apprenticeship wage is £4.30 which goes up depending on the year of the apprenticeship and your age. Some companies have a higher starting salary so it can vary a lot from company and industries. All apprentices are entitled to staff benefits which includes paid holidays. There may be other benefits such as commission pay based on the company you work for. 

We Can Offer

  • A wide range of accredited qualifications

  • Strong progression routes into degree apprenticeships or full-time courses

  • Preparation towards a world outside education

  • Off-the-job learning 

  • Monthly Appraisals

  • Educators carefully chosen to meet the needs of the individuals​​


Apprenticeship Mission

We take pride in preparing our students for the world outside of education. L&F Training strive to provide learners with the courage and the foundation to explore their creativity and develop a passion to progress in their chosen career or further education.

Our Vision

To inspire the next generation by developing, guiding and nurturing talents; allowing individuals to create a future with purpose.


Every young person should be given the opportunity to dream of a future, that’s why here at L&F Training we continue to add courses to our repertoire, to ensure we are able to cater for any individual.  

If you would like to know more about the education opportunities we offer or have an individual, for whom you wish us to provide services, please get in touch.

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