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Please enjoy this overview of several career paths and suggested qualification routes on our career pathways page.

The different career paths that are open to you in each of our core sectors are described on this page.

You can look at a number of internet resources that offer up-to-date statistics, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, or PayScale, for more information on job descriptions and salary expectations.

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Adult Care & Healthcare

Career Paths

You might end up practically anyplace if you start out as a care assistant or support worker. Some chances for job advancement could put the talents you've previously acquired as a care worker to use. Others may consider your transferrable skills, such as how organised, sociable, and adaptive you are.


Career Paths

The possibilities are endless in the field of Childcare. Are you considering becoming a Childcare Assistant? Yo will learn transferable skills such as patience, understanding and a broad talent for encouraging the development of younger minds. Here you will find examples of career progression opportunities through your own learning and achievements.

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Professional Services

Career Paths

You may be the forever dependable office administrator or working a front desk within an industry directly supporting customers and potential clients. There are simply so many choices when deciding what qualifications may strengthen your career choice. In the realm of Professional Services there are many opportunities for advancement. Apprenticeships are a  structured and approved method for gaining professional skills whilst learning.

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