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Category: Essential Digital Skills

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Coding

Course Overview


Coding is what makes it possible for anyone to create computer software. Websites, apps, and social media are all made with code - it is a language that tells computers what action to perform. This qualification is designed for anyone who is looking to gain an introduction to coding. As the world is evolving digitally and the digital sector is growing, this course will give you an insight into the principles of coding, and how coding is used in practice for software development.

Course Outline

Level 2 - Certificate

Awarding - NCFE

Start Date - Anytime

Duration - 7 Weeks approximately

Location - Distance Learning &

Face to Face

What is involved and what will I study

Unit 1 Understand the principles of coding

  • In this unit you will gain knowledge of coding languages and the software development lifecycle, you will also learn about the job roles, functions and key skills requirements of a coding professional

Unit 2 Understand terminology used in coding

  • In this unit you will gain basic computer terminology in relation to coding, you will also learn about coding acronyms, terminology and the key principles of writing code

Unit 3 Understand coding design principles

  • In this unit you will gain knowledge of different coding types and the advantages and disadvantages of their use, you will also understand the use of pure function

Unit 4 Understand the processes and practice of coding

  • In this unit you will learn best practice in coding, methods of testing used and DevOps processes

Unit 5 Understand the importance of communication and project management in coding

  • In this unit you will learn the importance of communication for those working in a coding environment, you wil also learn about project management principles and Agile developments



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