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Digital Apprenticeship Service - DAS 
Apprenticeship Registration for Employers


Instructions For The Apprentices' Employer

Once Registered You Need To:

1. Add the PAYE schemes that the apprentices will be paid through.  Or if you don’t have a PAYE use your Government Gateway User ID (instructions below of how to acquire one)

2. Add the employer organisations that will contract with the training provider.

3. Sign agreements for their organisations so that they can spend levy funds.

4. Add apprentices to your account so you can authorise payments to L&F.

Add An Apprentice


1.  To add an apprentice click on apprentices tab

2.  Click add an apprentice

3.  It will now ask you to Add training provider details: to use L&F Training:

4.  Our UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN): 10031526

Start Adding Apprentices


You can start adding details of your apprentices or ask L&F Training to add them for you.  If you ask L&F Training to add them, you need to check and agree the details before any payments are made.

To require L&F Training to do this on your behalf please select the following choices:

1.  I will add apprentices

2.  I would like my provider to add apprentices (choose this one if you would like (L&F Training to add all apprentice details for you)

Register For Government Gateway User ID

If you do not have PAYE scheme, please follow the instructions below:


2.  Register for HMRC online services

3.  Create

4.  Enter email address (this will generate a code sent to your email)

5.  Enter code

6.  Enter details required

7.  Create password

8.  You will have 3 choices to pick from normally this is INDIVIDUAL

9.  You will now have your Government Gateway User ID

10.  Identify- To complete the next steps you will need either your passport or P60 to identify yourself.

Learn More About DAS From ESFA Government UK Channel

Reserving funding

Adding bank details

Managing your payments

Time stamp (13:40 - 17:26), (24:05 - 24:53)

Signing your agreements

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