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Helpful hints to help you find a salon placement

  • Put your CV together, make it to the point, relevant and make it stand out so it gets you noticed.
  • Write a covering note to accompany your CV, make sure you include your availability (be as flexible as possible about your working availability). Include your hobbies, interest, why you want to be a hairdresser and how you can improve their salon by you working for them)
  • Target every salon that you would be realistically able to travel to work. Use the phone book or the internet to find out addresses.
  • Go into each salon with your covering letter and CV and ask to speak to the manager, be patient-the manager is always a VERY busy person!! If they can't see you immediately ask if you can wait or if you can book an appointment to come back to see them.
  • DON'T make it obvious that you are handing out CV's to all the salons, only take one in at a time to each salon as you need to make them feel like you only want to work for them.
  • When you go into the salons make sure you are well presented-remember hairdressing is part of the fashion industry and your 'look' will influence the salon managers decision. Make sure your hair is neat, freshly coloured and 'done'. Wear subtle makeup and make sure that your clothes are clean, smart and reflect both the fashion industry and your own personal style. NO CHIPPED NAIL VARNISH!
  • If you leave your CV and covering note with a salon, if you haven't heard back within 7 day go back in with another and try again-salons are busy places and quite often things get mislaid or overlooked. Perseverance is the key!!
  • If you are offered an interview make sure that you arrive 5 minutes early (this shows a good impression) and make sure that you are well presented (as above with your hair makeup clothes and nails all looking smart, neat and tidy). Your interviewer will ask you questions about why you want to be a hairdresser and what you feel you can bring to the salon by working for them. Ask your family and friends to help you prepare for these questions and make sure that your answers are honest and professional! You must be able to show enthusiasm and interest within this industry
  • Don't be a 'diva' and demand what hours, pay and allowances you require - remember you are asking them for a job, they are the boss not the other way around! The job needs to suit you but at the same time no one wants to employ a 'diva'
  • If you do not get offered the job try not to get too upset. Always apply to several salons and accept all interviews offered so you can allow for some interviews to not go your way. Remember don't put all your eggs in the same basket!
  • Keep trying, perseverance shows dedication, and keep going because there will be a salon out there for you eventually!! Just remember to learn from each interview experience, always be yourself, make sure you are always well presented and show to potential employers that you are a 'can do' sort of person with a willing attitude and a positive work ethic.

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