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How much is the minimum wage for an apprentice?


Employers can decide how much to pay their apprentices, but it must be more than the statutory minimum wage.

Depending on the apprentice's age and where they are in the curriculum, you must pay a minimum amount. The minimum apprentice rate of £4.81 per hour is available to apprentices under the age of 19 or in their first year of training.


The National Minimum Wage for their age group must be paid if the apprentice, who is over 19, completes the first year of the apprenticeship.

Keep in mind that the apprentice rate of £4.81 is the absolute lowest that can be paid to an apprentice, and that many employers pay greater wages in accordance with comparable roles.

What is the minimum salary for apprentices?

The hourly apprentice rate, which is now £4.81, is the least that an apprentice can be paid. If the apprentice is under the age of 19 or is still in the first year of their apprenticeship, they must be paid at least this amount.

After the first year of an apprenticeship, if the apprentice is older than 19, they are entitled to the minimum wage for their age category.

This is a minimal wage; many firms provide their apprentices at least the National minimal Wage.

What are the hourly rates of pay per age and there respective age brackets?

  • The apprentice rate of pay currently is a minimum of £4.81 per hour.

  • Those aged 18-20 years the hourly rate is £6.83

  • For those aged 21-22 years it's £9.18

  • And for all other persons aged 23 years and above, the national minimum wage is £9.50 per hour.

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