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Apprenticeships at L&F

Information Systems Business Analyst Level 4


Course Summary

IS (Information Systems) Business Analysis is an advisory role that provides a critical layer of challenge and scrutiny for organisations who wish to deliver IS change successfully. IS Business Analysis enables organisations to “do the thing right.”


The role embodies early and regular investigation and analysis that ensures the right IS solution is chosen to meet the required business need. Given the risk of solutions failing to meet organisational needs, it is crucial that IS Business Analysis is undertaken before projects are initiated. Pre-project analysis ensures that there is a thorough and shared understanding of the 'root cause' of any problem or opportunity being addressed, and that various options are considered and the most effective is chosen. Therefore, IS Business Analysis is a multi-faceted role and practitioners have the ability to investigate business situations, identify and evaluate options for improvement and define the features required by organisations.


The main focus of the IS Business Analyst role is to model business processes and to facilitate, coordinate and document detailed business requirements regarding the business change agenda. IS Business Analysts will determine and present solutions of how information systems can be used to improve operational efficiency, and support acceptance testing to ensure that the proposed solution meets the defined requirements. IS Business Analysis provides a recognised career with professionals taking lead roles in successful change delivery in many organisations.

Desired Skills

  • Logical and creative thinking skills to help solve business change challenges

  • Analytical and problem solving skills within IS and business change environments

  • Ability to work independently and to take responsibility appropriate to the role

  • A thorough and organised approach

  • Ability to work with a range of internal and external people


Information Systems Business Analyst Level 4

Functional Skills English and Maths (if required)

Course Duration

18 Months 


National Apprenticeship Wage of £4.30


Having successfully completed this qualification, learners will have the opportunity to progress to the following:

  • Operations or Departmental Manager Level 5

  • Business to Business Sales Professional Level 6 (Integrated Degree)

  • Digital Marketer Level 6 (Integrated Degree)

  • Full time position for the right candidate

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