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Leadership & Management

High impact management and leadership development that creates dynamic leaders and promotes corporate success.

Our leadership and management apprenticeships were created with a self-improvement and behaviour change mindset and are focused on producing actual business effect that is compatible with the modern world.

Strong leaders enable your company to embrace transformation and change, feel confidence in laying out ambitious goals, and have faith in the ability of your workforce to carry you to victory.


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Businesses shouldn't undervalue the importance of investing in and providing training for this crucial set of employees. Our employer partners are focused on developing their future leaders through specialised leadership and management apprenticeships that create strong career development programmes.

Why choose L&F for
Leadership & Management apprenticeships?




Delegates develop practical, hands-on skills that they may use right away from the start of their curriculum. The company gains from the newly acquired skills of the apprentices as they begin to fulfil their full potential.

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To be mentored through real-world situations, delegates bring their own projects to their coach. In order to provide the best learning results, it means they receive pertinent and helpful group input.

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Our apprenticeship programmes are developed to establish advanced career routes and are specifically customised to the demands of employers. They provide industry-recognized learning at various levels of leadership by being matched to a wide range of learners' professional roles.


Find your perfect apprenticeship course


We have reached a new age for apprenticeships. No more are they for young people to get a foot on the ladder. Anyone in your business, from entry level to CEO, can enrol onto a relevant apprenticeship

An apprenticeship route to suit
every leadership level

Our apprenticeships enable you to upskill and grow your workforce with role-relevant and industry-recognised programmes, from teaching and development to organisational delivery.

Level 3 Apprenticeship

Awarding: City and Guilds

Duration: 12 months
and 3 months EPA

Team Leader or Supervisor


Funding: Apprenticeship

Category: Leadership & Management

Level 5 Apprenticeship

Awarding: City and Guilds

Duration: 18 months
and 3 months EPA

Departmental or Operations Manager


Funding: Apprenticeship

Category: Leadership & Management

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