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Category: Health and Social Care

Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Principles of Dementia Care

Course Overview


There are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK today, with this number expected to rise to over one million by 2025.

This qualification enables learners to develop knowledge and understanding of caring for individuals with dementia. Successful completion of the units will allow learners to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of dementia and its effects. It will also support progression into relevant employment within the health and social care sector. The qualification doesn’t infer competence in the work role but can be used to support the underpinning knowledge and understanding needed for those working in or towards a dementia care role.

Course Outline

Level 3 - Certificate

Awarding - NCFE

Start Date - Anytime

Duration - 21 Weeks approximately

Location - Distance Learning &

Face to Face

The objectives of this qualification are to enable learners to understand:

• Types of dementia and the importance of early diagnosis
• Person-centred approaches in dementia care
• The role of communication, interaction and inclusion in dementia care and support
• The use of medication to support individuals with dementia.

It is made up of seven mandatory units as follows:

• Understanding dementia
• Understand how person-centred approaches are used to underpin the care and support of individuals with dementia
• Principles of communication and interaction in dementia care and support
• Supporting positive interaction, occupation, and activity in dementia care
• Principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care and support
• Understand how to support individuals with dementia to exercise choice and rights
• Principles of the administration of medication and well-being of individuals with dementia



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