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Category: Health and Social Care

Level 3 Certificate in Understanding
Mental Health


Course Overview


Good mental health is essential to a long and healthy life. Tragically there is a connection between mental health issues and early death. So, maintaining our mental health is as important as maintaining our physical health.

This course examines mental health, the perceptions of mental health and how mental health issues can impact on the wider community.

You will study and understand the kind of support available to individuals with mental health issues and the roles professionals in the field carry out. If you are contemplating a career within the mental health field, understanding the support mechanism surrounding individuals is essential.

Upon completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to start a career working in the mental health sector or to go on to further studies in counselling, mental health nursing or psychology.

Course Outline

Level 3 - Certificate

Awarding - NCFE

Start Date - Anytime

Duration - 18 Weeks approximately

Location - Distance Learning &

Face to Face

To be awarded the Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health, learners are required to successfully complete 5 mandatory units:

• Unit 01 Understanding the context of mental health and wellbeing

• Unit 02 Promotion of mental health and wellbeing

• Unit 03 Mental health problems: associated issues and consequences

• Unit 04 Understanding mental ill health

• Unit 05 Working in mental health.



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