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Transfer your unspent levy funds and help train the next generation

If you pay into the apprenticeship levy, you can transfer any unused funds to other businesses. We can work with you to gift your levy funds to employers that share your values and goals.

We believe that building an inclusive apprenticeship programme brings a clear economic and business advantage to all those involved.

Transferring unused funds can benefit your business

Transferring levy funds is a great way to support other businesses by deciding which sectors, skills, or local areas you’d like to fund. It’s completely up to you and your business who, or what, you choose to support – for example you might want to support the care sector, or fund apprenticeships in a particular town in your area.


How much can I transfer?

You can transfer 25% of your previous financial year’s apprenticeship levy funds. The apprenticeship service calculates this amount as 25% of:

  • the total amount of levy you declared in the previous tax year

  • with the English percentage applied (the percentage of your employees that live in England)

  • plus the top-up payment of 10% from the government.


You cannot transfer more than your 25% allowance in each financial year.

What can the levy transfer pay for?

They can only be used for apprenticeship training and assessments, and up to the maximum of the funding band for that apprenticeship.

They can also only be used for a new apprentice. That doesn’t mean they have to be a new employee, just that they can’t already be on an apprenticeship.

There is one exception to this – if an apprentice changes employer, they can continue their apprenticeship funded by a transfer of levy funds.

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