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Online/Short Courses

L&F Training are pleased to announce a new menu of online Learning. This platform of qualifications will be available shortly. Please see the list of accredited qualifications and courses below; all of which are suitable for CPD purposes.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these subjects; or if there is a subject you are interested in, which is not listed below. Further details including how to book these courses, will be forthcoming on this page soon. Alternatively you can email the L&F team via this email address .

Online Subjects And Courses

Please Note: Where the courses are asterisked (*) these are CPD short courses, which will complement any Apprenticeship qualification that you may already be working towards or have previously obtained.

Online Workshop

Childcare and Education

  • *Principles of Internet Safety

  • Safeguarding Adults and Children

Day Care

Health and Safety

  • COSHH Risk Assessment 

  • *DSE Risk Assessment 

  • Fire Safety Principles 

  • *Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • *Manual Handling Safety at Work

  • Alcohol Awareness   

  • Dementia Awareness  

  • Safeguarding Adults and Children 

  • Sexual Health Awareness 

  • Awareness of Substance Misuse 

  • *Understanding Anxiety ​

  • Understanding Depression

  • Understanding Eating Disorders

  • *Understanding Stress 

  • Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication

  • Mental Health Awareness 

  • Mental Capacity Act

Health and Social Care

Home Nurse Making Bed

Business, Leadership and Management

  • *Conflict Management 

  • *Discipline in the Workplace

  • Induction of New Staff 

  • Leading and Motivating a Team

  • *Organising and Delegating ​

  • Performance Management 

  • *Planning and Allocating Work 

  • *Solving Problems and Making Decisions

  • *Stress Management 

  • Understanding Leadership

Business Meeting

IT User Skills

  •  L2 IT Software Fundamentals 

  • L2 Using IT to increase Productivity 

Computer Software Guidance

Personal Development and Employability

  • Essentials 

  • Induction Essentials 

  • Introduction to First Aid Programme   

  • Introduction to First Aid – Zone 1  

  • Introduction to First Aid – Zone 2  

  • Introduction to First Aid – Zone 3 ​

  • Introduction to First Aid – Zone 4

  • *Personal Money Management

  • Prevent for Students

  • Prevent for Professionals

  • *Rights and Responsibilities

  • *Understanding Equality and Diversity

Modern Office

Retail and Hospitality

  • Prepare to Deliver Excellent Customer Service 

  • Food Safety Awareness 



  • Explore the Principles of Healthy Eating

  • Principles of Weight Management 

  • Understand the Principles of Exercise and Fitness 

Diet Plan
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