Policy Documents

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Advice and Guidance Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Anti-Fraud Policy

Attendance Policy

British Values

Business Continuity Plan

Complaint Form

Disclosure & Barring (DBS) Policy

Dress Code Policy

Employer Engagement Policy

Environmental Policy

E-Safety - Social Networking and Media Policy

Escalation of Complaint or Concerns

Equality & Diversity Policy

Evaluating Quality Policy

Functional Skills Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Initial Assessment Policy

Internal Quality Assurance Procedures and Sampling Policy

Internal Verification Policy

Keeping children safe in education

Malpractice Policy

Modern Slavery Statement & Policy

Observation Policy and Procedures




Recruitment And Selection Policy And Procedure

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Positioning Statement

Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children within L&F Training

Staff Development Policy

Staff Disciplinary Policy

Staff Grievance Policy

Student Charter

Student Concerns & Complaints Procedure Policy

Student Disciplinary Policy

Student Disciplinary Procedure

Substance Abuse Policy

Teaching Online Safely in L&F Centres Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

Withdrawn Centre Approval Policy

Our Partners and Accreditations