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Why Upskilling Employees Is Good for Business

The process of training and upskilling your workforce may seem like a time-consuming task especially when you have deadlines and other pressures within your business to account for. However, both the short-term and long-term benefits of upskilling your employees can massively outweigh the cost of any time and resources invested.

L&F Training is currently partnered with over 800 businesses to support the upskilling of employees through apprenticeship programmes, in care, healthcare, management, hair and beauty, early years and other business-related roles. Whilst this is a fantastic opportunity for employees to improve their knowledge and skillset and further their career progression, it is also an opportunity for employers to lay solid foundations for both the present and the future success of their businesses.

The following are just some of the benefits of our apprenticeship programmes:

  • Better performance

First and foremost, the nature of skills courses means that employees will gain new and valuable knowledge and expertise that will bolster their performance in their current roles. This can lead to them completing their tasks more effectively and ultimately leads to your business accomplishing objectives more easily.

  • Increased employee engagement

Another of the long-term benefits of upskilling your workforce is that it creates a learning culture which motivates employees and improves relations between staff and management. This has a direct effect on factors such as employee engagement, attendance and motivation.

  • Staff retention

Furthermore, the happier your staff are within an organisation, the more likely they are to stay and choose to progress their careers internally. This not only improves staff retention levels but can ultimately save your business time and money in the long-term, with resources saved on recruiting external candidates whilst also ensuring smooth succession planning.

  • Positive public relations opportunities

At L7F Training, we take great interest in stories of employers providing upskilling courses for their employees and have seen the benefits that these stories can have on a company’s reputation and public image. A company that takes an interest in the development of its staff maximises its appeal to both future employees and to potential partners and investors. This is crucial in today’s society where tools such as Glassdoor make an employees’ experience a potential dealbreaker for new recruits.

If you’re interested in upskilling your workforce, speak with a member of our team today on 01278 550261.

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