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What are Traineeships?

The Traineeship Programme consists of work experience and English and Maths, along with job preparation such as CV-writing tips and advice on how to prepare for an interview. This means that learners can concentrate on developing the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to enable them to progress on to Study Programmes, Apprenticeships or into work.


Traineeships have three core features:

  • A high-quality work experience placement to help the young person develop the skills needed in the workplace.

  • Work preparation training, focusing on skills such as CV writing, interview preparation, job search and personal skills.

  • English and Maths for those learners without GCSE A*-C or Functional Skills at Level 2 in the subjects.


Why have Traineeships been developed?

Traineeships are an integral part of the Government’s plans to tackle youth unemployment. They are designed to give young people the skills, qualifications, experience and behaviours that employers look for when recruiting for apprenticeships and other jobs.


Why are Traineeships for?

They are intended for young people who:

  • Are not currently in employment and have little work experience, but who are focused on work and the prospect of it

  • Are aged 16-24

  • Must not hold a L3 in the same Traineeship opportunity you are applying for

  • Have a reasonable chance of being ready for employment or an apprenticeship within six months of the Traineeship.


Typically 3 Months


Progression onto Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a genuine job and under all circumstances an apprentice will be employed from day one. Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. An apprentice will: – work alongside experienced staff – gain job-specific skills – earn a wage and get holiday pay – be given time for study related to their role (the equivalent of one day a week)


If you do not meet the apprenticeship standards, you will have to complete a Traineeship, also known as a pre-apprenticeship programme to get you the necessary skills to progress onto an Apprenticeship.

Job requirements

There are specific requirements for you to commence on a Traineeship, please complete the requirement questions to ensure your eligibility and one of our friendly team will be in contact with you.

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